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Mentee and mentor testimonials

In addition to percentage data, the strength of the CSW Staff Mentoring and Development Program is further supported by the testimonials and feedback provided by our program participants and program leaders. We share with you below a small sample of the feedback that we have received on the program over the past four years.

"The CSW Staff Mentoring Program was a great opportunity for me to grow and learn from others at the university’s experience. I was partnered with an ASU staff member who was in a position similar to the level I was working towards and had several more years of experience. By working with them I was able to learn from their experiences and lessons faster than I would have been able to do on my own. Through the program we also created a plan for my career growth, which I still work towards. One of the biggest takeaways from the program I had was the confidence in my actions which allowed me to continue growing within the university. I am happy to say since taking the course I have continuously moved up within in the university and this program provided me with tools and skills that helped me achieve that success. "
— Mentee Participant Summer 2013 Cohort

"I had a wonderful mentor in the CSW Mentoring program. She has been involved with this program for several years and her guidance and dedication to helping rising ASU staff members develop, including myself, is evident. She has been available and knowledgeable and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her and others through the CSW mentoring program and look forward to maintaining our connection. As a result of my mentorship connection, I have sought out opportunities within my unit to take on additional job responsibilities (i.e. becoming the advisor for the Leadership in Business certificate) and built up the courage to ask for the opportunity to gain supervisory experience over a student worker. I believe by seeking these responsibilities this will help me grow as a professional at ASU. In addition to the professional guidance, my mentor has done a phenomenal job at getting to know me on a personal level, which I appreciate. We shared professional presentation experiences, set goals for each other for each of our meetings, and ultimately she provided the type of professional support I know I will continue to benefit from throughout my time here at ASU and beyond."
— Mentee Participant Summer 2016

"The CSW Mentor/Mentee Program is unique, well-rounded, and very well thought out. It gives employees the opportunity to increase their value to the organization while learning about themselves. It is intrinsically motivating and perfect for those who serve in the field of education."
— Mentee Participant Summer 2016

"I believe there are serious merits to fostering leadership and development opportunities for our staff and this kind of program is ideal for that. In my opinion, it’s not intimidating, but welcoming; it’s not overwhelming but just right; programming incorporates some very valuable tools and resources that all staff can benefit from knowing about! ASU is a very big place. When we think about how to welcome our students into this mini-city, we go to great lengths to help them acclimate as soon as possible — but this is not always the case with staff. This kind of program fills a tremendous void and also offers those of us who have been around a while, the chance to see the place from another perspective – that of someone who may be new/newer to the community. Networking in this environment can be pivotal to success — it’s such a big place that often knowing who to call or where to go is half the battle. This program provides additional opportunities to lead toward that success."
— Mentor Participant Summer 2014

"Having had a wonderful mentor myself, I decided it was time for me to give back to the ASU community and become a mentor. The good news is that you don’t have to have any experience being a mentor to join the CSW Mentor/Mentee program as a mentor, because the CSW will train you. The experience was invaluable, and I am 100% certain that the wonderful relationship I made with my mentee will continue for many years to come."
— Mentor Participant Summer 2014

"The CSW mentoring program is one of the finest, well structured, useful opportunities at ASU. I continue to keep in touch with mentees, some who are now mentors. I take great pride in participating in a program such as this that recognizes the passion and engagement of quality employees."
— Mentor Participant Summer 2016