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Program Success


"Having had a wonderful mentor myself, I decided it was time for me to give back to the ASU community and become a mentor. The good news is that you don’t have to have any experience being a mentor to join the CSW Mentor/Mentee program as a mentor,... Read more"

— Mentor Participant Summer 2014

"The CSW Staff Mentoring Program was a great opportunity for me to grow and learn from others at the university’s experience. I was partnered with an ASU staff member who was in a position similar to the level I was working towards and had several... Read more"

— Mentee Participant Summer 2013 Cohort

"I had a wonderful mentor in the CSW Mentoring program. She has been involved with this program for several years and her guidance and dedication to helping rising ASU staff members develop, including myself, is evident. She has been available and... Read more"

— Mentee Participant Summer 2016

"I believe there are serious merits to fostering leadership and development opportunities for our staff and this kind of program is ideal for that. In my opinion, it’s not intimidating, but welcoming; it’s not overwhelming but just right;... Read more"

— Mentor Participant Summer 2014

"The CSW Mentor/Mentee Program is unique, well-rounded, and very well thought out. It gives employees the opportunity to increase their value to the organization while learning about themselves. It is intrinsically motivating and perfect for those... Read more"

— Mentee Participant Summer 2016

"The CSW mentoring program is one of the finest, well structured, useful opportunities at ASU. I continue to keep in touch with mentees, some who are now mentors. I take great pride in participating in a program such as this that recognizes the... Read more"

— Mentor Participant Summer 2016

The overarching goal of the CSW Staff Mentoring and Development Program is to provide an opportunity for excelling staff members at the university to develop their long-term career and professional goals at Arizona State University through a one-on-one mentoring experience and a series of strategic professional development workshops. CSW seeks to help develop a group of staff members who see themselves having a long-term, rewarding career at ASU. 

CSW has hosted four cohort cycles of the CSW Staff Mentoring and Development Program. Over the past four years, 143 staff members have participated as mentees and 50 as mentors. An average of 71.6% of mentees have successfully completed the program by meeting the program requirements and expectations.

To evaluate the success in a quality mentoring experience, CSW collected data after each cohort cycle that evaluates a variety of factors including overall program experience, benefits of the mentoring relationship, benefit of development trainings, increase in professional confidence, and increase in career goals and aspirations at ASU. Across all of these factors, the program has exceeded its expectations.

Averages of annual exit surveys of our mentees across all four cohorts indicated the following:

  • 76.6% of mentees found the program to increase their self-confidence professionally.
  • 92.8% of mentees found the mentoring relationship helpful or very helpful to their career goals and development.
  • 73.8% of mentees indicated that the program inspired them to consider their long term careers at ASU.
  • 97.4% of mentees identified the program as a successful experience for them.

Averages of annual exit surveys of our mentors across all four cohorts provided similar findings:

  • 94.5% of mentors had a positive or very positive experience with their mentee.
  • 94.2% of mentors had a positive or very positive experience in the program
  • Based on their experience, 92.2% of mentors indicated that they would consider serving as a mentor again in the program.

In addition to program conclusion evaluations, CSW has recently assessed the long term impact of program on the success of mentees. A recent survey of all mentee participants across all four cohorts and found that the CSW Staff Mentoring and Development Program has had a lasting impact on the success of our mentees in their careers at ASU:

  • 78.8% of mentees described their experience with their mentor as very effective or extremely effective (N=85)
  • 59.3% of mentees still maintain a mentoring relationship with their mentor after the program concluded (N=86)
  • 75.6% of mentees found the development workshops provided during the program as very useful or extremely useful to their careers (N=86)
  • 95.3% of all mentees found the program assisted with their professional development at ASU (N=85)
  • 62.2% of mentees indicated that their career at ASU has progressed since participating in the CSW mentoring program (N=85)
  • 86.0% of mentees felt the program impacted their career growth and success (N=86)
  • 88.4% of mentees felt that the program impacted their desire to build their career at ASU (N=86)
  • 94.2% of mentees indicated that having opportunity of the program made ASU a more desirable employer (N=86)