The CSW is a single organizational unit divided into four committees located at the Downtown, Tempe, Polytechnic and West Campuses. All four campus commissions are governed by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee organizes the work of the CSW, determines programming for the year, and sets goals for the campus commissions. Members of the Executive Committee include the Campus Commission Chair and Chair-Elect for each campus, the President’s and Provost’s ex-officio to the Commission, the Vice President of Human Resources, and the CSW Program Director.

At the campus level, each campus commission is led by an appointed campus commission chair and an appointed chair-elect. Representation to the campus commission is comprised of Provost-Appointed representatives, appointed student representatives, service representatives, and organizational liaisons. Together, the committee works on a variety of projects specific to their campus that relate to issues such as women’s equity and campus climate. These projects typically incorporate aspects of research, marketing, and advocacy work. Campus commissions are also responsible for completing projects assigned by the Executive Committee.

There are four membership categories on the commission: Presidential Appointee, Student Appointee, Liaison Representative, and Interested Individuals. Listed below is a description of these categories.

Provost-Appointed Representatives

The university provost appoints four to five representatives to each campus committee. Each member represents employment categories including University Staff, Academic Professional, and Faculty.

Appointed Student Representatives

Each campus commission has two student representatives -- one graduate student and one undergraduate student. These students are appointed to the commission by the student government association(s) located on their campus.

Liaison Representatives

Representatives from organizations and units share similar concerns participate on the commission. Some of the organizations involved include Educational Outreach and Students Services, ASU Staff Council, Committee for Campus Inclusion, Faculty Women's Association, and student organizations.

Service Representatives

Service Representatives are interested individuals who volunteer and participate in all CSW projects. If you are interested in getting involved with the Commission on the Status of Women, or if you are a member of an organization that would like to work with CSW, please contact the CSW Office. We look forward to hearing from you!